Vision Correction for Keratoconus & Irregular cornea in Bangkok, Thailand(AT189)

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The wide variety of lenses to match your need.
  • Scleral Lens : The hard lens which bigger than your cornea with several advantage than small hard lens such as,  much more comfort , not pop out easily , less glare at night, able to swim with lens, don’t rub your cornea then less pain if dust go in, work well with ring or corneal transplant, etc.
  • Hybrid Lens : Contact lens with hard center and soft skirt for your comfort & sharpness.
  • Corneal RGP lens : The hard lens which smaller than your cornea, other names such as GP lens, Semi-hard lens, Rigid Gas permeable lens, Hard lens, etc.
  • Custom Soft Lens :  Another choice contact lens, with a special design to mask irregular cornea. (Normal soft lens unable to mask irregular cornea)
  • Orthokeratology :  If you don’t want day time contact lens. The best choice to slow down the progression of shortsightedness, recommended by American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control.
  • Spectacles : Refraction with patience & kindness to get your best vision possible.( Patient with irregular cornea usually difficult to tell which picture is better. )


  • ทำลิ้งไปแต่ละหัวข้อ อธิบายรายละเอียด : คืออะไร ประโยชน์คืออะไร  เหมาะกับใคร การฟิตติ้งต้อง ทำอย่างไร เตรียมตัวก่อนมาอย่างไร เตรียมเวลามาเท่าไร


🙂  Experience the kind & skillful doctor in town 🙂

Eye exam by experienced Contact lens & Vision specialist.
  • Dr. Bird Vuthipong Puengpipat , OD, MS, FIAO, FAAOMC. (Language : English & Thai)
  • Be trained in USA, with Contact Lens subspecialty.
  • Teach Contact Lens subject in 2 School of Optometry in Thailand.
  • Practice as Contact Lens & Vision Specialist at several eye hospitals & clinics.
  • Give a lecture in Optometrist & Ophthalmologist Conferences.
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Kind team & professional support.
  • Supply CL solution & necessary equipment for specialty lens user. ( Easily order online & convenient parcel delivery service )
  • Online tutorial video for lens care & initial troubleshoot.
  • Communication via social media : initial troubleshoot & ask question via Line, e-mail, Facebook messenger.


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Dr. Bird Vuthipong Puengpipat , OD, MS, FIAO, FAAOMC

E-mail : vpbirdod(at)

Line ID : @drbirdcl

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