CLEAR CARE Contact lens solution

How to use.

This Video will show you how to use Clear Care.


Contact lens solution that same kind of Clear Care.

  • Same process to clean the lens.
  • You will get the contact lens case free.

Clean Care


Sauflon One Step

 AO Sept


The Clear Care can use for both of soft contact lens and RGP Lens (Semi-hard, Scleral Lens, Ok Lens, Hybrid Lens). It’s very good to disinfection and clean the protein deposit. The clear care is safe for hypersensitivity to preservative because there is preservative remain left after soak more than 6 hours.

Instruction for Clear Care is different from any contact lens solutions, please watch the above video.


  • You should soak the lens at least 6 hours. If you soak the lens less than 6 hours, you should clean the lens many times with normal saline before insertion.
  • Don’t let the Clear Care touch the eye directly.
  • If the Clear Care in the lens case is overflow, you should clean the lens with normal saline before soak it.
  • You should change the Clear Care everyday, even not in used because there is nothing preservative remain left after soak more than 6 hours and it might cause bacteria growth.

The issue you might be encountered when don’t have the Clear Care.