RGP, Semi-hard, Scleral Lens, and other Specialty Contact Lens , Bangkok Thailand(AT188)

Doctor Vision 

The practice with a full range of Specialty Contact Lens.

List of  Specialty contact Lens Available ( All lenses are custom made from USA)
  • Orthokeratology : ( OK Lens, CRT Lens, Corneal Reshaping, Night Lens, Visual Shaping Treatment, etc.)
  • Corneal RGP lens : ( Semi-hard lens, Rigid Gas permeable lens, Hard lens, etc.)
  • Scleral Lens : ( Haptic Lens, Hard lens bigger than cornea, etc.)
  • Myopia Control Lens : ( Orthokeratology, Spectacle lens, Custom Soft Lens for Myopia Control, etc.)
  • Custom Soft Lens : ( Custom any power, diameter, base curve to fit your eyes)
  • Hybrid Lens : ( Synergeye, Ultrahealth, the center rigid & soft skirt contact lens)
  • ทำลิ้งไปแต่ละหัวข้อ อธิบายรายละเอียด : คืออะไร ประโยชน์คืออะไร  เหมาะกับใคร การฟิตติ้งต้อง ทำอย่างไร เตรียมตัวก่อนมาอย่างไร เตรียมเวลามาเท่าไร 


List of Problem & Pathology we’re able to help.
  • Irregular cornea : Keratoconus, Eye Trauma, Corneal Transplant(Post PK) , Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Post Lasik Corneal Ectasia, etc. )
  • Dry Eye : Moderate to severe dry eye, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Stephen Johnson’s Syndrome, Lid Problem, Incomplete Blink, etc.
  • Myopia Control : Slow down or stop the progression of shortsightedness by using Contact Lens & Spectacle Lens
  • High Refractive Error : Custom contact lens, able to make for very high prescription up to 50 diopter power.
  • Unable to do Lasik / PRK : Too thin cornea, Dry eye, Too high Rx.
  • Contact Lens Related Problem : Dry eye, Discomfort, Foggy Lens, Blur Vision, Itching, Lens easily pop out from the eye, etc.
  • Correct Refractive error for Eye Exam : Pilot, Pre-cadet student, etc.
  • Diplopia / Double Vision : Both monocular & binocular diplopia.
  • Eyestrain / Eyeache : From several causes.


Eye exam by experienced Contact lens & Vision specialist.
  • Dr. Bird Vuthipong Puengpipat , OD, MS, FIAO, FAAOMC. (Language : English & Thai)
  • Be trained in USA, with Contact Lens subspecialty.
  • Teach Contact Lens subject in 2 School of Optometry in Thailand.
  • Practice as Contact Lens & Vision Specialist at several eye hospitals & clinics.
  • Give a lecture in Optometrist & Ophthalmologist Conferences.
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More Info / Consult doctor

Dr. Bird Vuthipong Puengpipat

E-mail : vpbirdod(at)gmail.com

Line ID : @drbirdcl

Location Doctor Vision : http://goo.gl/maps/QPUo2