Suction cup (Plunger)


Suction cup (Plunger)

The suction cup for Ok-Lens/RGP Lens are blocked (no hole). You should make it wet and then pull the lens directly (don’t squeeze).



The suction cup for Scleral Lens have hole. You should make it wet and squeeze the suction cup and then pull the lens edge.





  1. You should always make the suction cup wet with normal saline because it easier to take the lens off.
  2. You should always clean the suction cup and keep it dry after used.
  3. If you keep the suction cup wet, it may cause mold and bacteria (black or yellow dot on the suction cup)
  4. Never use the broken or have mold on the suction cup.
  5. You should keep the spare suction cup in dry and cold area (you can keep in crisper drawer).

If the suction cup lost.

  1. Please watch the RGP/Ok-Lens Removing without suction cup from
  2. Please watch the Scleral Lens Removing without suction cup from (minute at 5.30)
  3. You can order the suction cup  02-734-0911,081-7344-552. The price of suction cup without hole is 300 baht per piece and suction cup with hole is 400 baht per piece. We can deliver you by express mail or motorcycle but customer will pay delivery fee.
  4. You can pay for the suction cup via transfer to TMB 217-268-1195 วุฒิพงษ์ พึงพิพัฒน์.