Problems that may occur during usage of contact lenses


Problem: Normal saline got murky after inserted a contact lens or during a day.

Not better even blinking. Maybe caused from mucus of the eyes get under a contact lens and mixed with normal saline.

Solution: Remove a contact lens off then rinse it. And maybe rinse your eyes with normal saline to clean mucus. Then insert the lens again.


Problem: Blurry vision

May caused from wrong side insertion, bad cleaning of contact lens, much mucus and scratch on the lens

Solution: For wrong side insertion, just remove the lens and change sides. But if you forget the correct side then you should call us.

For bad cleaning of contact lens or dirty lens, just clean and rinse it again. If it still dirty maybe you need a protein remover such as Progent.

For a scratch on the lens, please let us check it for you.


Problem: Pink eye at the lens margin

Solution: Actually is normal and harmless. Will get better after removing the lens. But if you have a pink eye with photophobia, sensitivity to light and more eye discharge (Eye gunk) than normal please call us immediately.