Clear care solution(AT231)

Clear care solution

Demonstration of clear care using.


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Clear Care solution is available either with a soft contact lens and semi-rigid (semi-hard, RGP, Scleral Lens, OK Lens, Hybrid Lens). Kills germs very well. Protein removing is also well. When the solution active is finished then there is no preservatives. Thus reducing eye irritation when wearing lenses. Especially to those who are allergic to preservatives.


Caution of clear care solution. 
– Should provide a full soaking as indicated by the box (mostly 6 hours). If not, must rinse with normal saline  several times before insert lens into the eye. 
– Do not put the solution directly into the eye. It very sting your eye.
– If while soaking the lens,notice flood of solution.You can solve this problem by rinse lenses with normal saline before getting soak. 
– Change solution daily. Even if  without wearing lens. Because after 6 hours of soaking, there is no preservatives left in the case. Then germs can grow.