Caution and Prohibition of Scleral Lens.

Caution and Prohibition of Scleral Lens.

Lens cleanliness.

  • Keep your fingernails short and clean. If you have long fingernails, it may scratch your eyes while you insert the lens.
  • Always wash your hands, rinse and dry your hands with paper towels before handling contact lens.
  • If lens touching anything besides finger and eyes such as lens drop to the floor, table or touching your cheek, you should clean the lens again with contact lens solution and then clean the lens with normal saline before insertion.
  • Keep the lens carefully.
  • If lens dropped in a position like upside down plate, you should use the wet suction cup to grab the lens. Please watch the video below.

  • If lens dropped in face up position, you should use your wet finger to touch softly the lens and then lift up. Please watch the video below.

  • If you soak lens more than 1 day, you should soak lens again with new contact lens solution before insert the lens.
  • If your RGP lens solution empty, you can temporary use the Soft lens solution to clean the lens.

Never wearing the lens “If”



  • The lens damaged, chipped or broken. After remove contact lens and then noticed that the lens is defective. Do not insert lens because the lens can cause eyes injury. Should call to order a new lens.
  • If RGP lens solution empty or forget to soak the lens with RGP lens solution. *** Never soak the lens with tap water, normal saline, drinking water or anything except contact lens solution.
  • Red eyes, eyes pain, eyes inflammation , green eye gunk.

Contact lens case : Always pour RGP lens solotion out of the case and then clean the case with water and dry.

Suction cup (Plunger) : Always clean with water and dry after use. You should change the suction cup every year. If you see black spot or any color on suction up, it may be caused by mold or bacteria, so you should change it immediately.


  • Don’t use expired normal saline to clean or fill the lens before insert to your eyes.
  • On the first period of wearing Scleral lens. You should gradually raise more hour of the lens wearing until all day such as 1 hour on first day and then 2 hours on second day.
  • Don’t keep the lens case in bathroom or bathroom area.
  • If you don’t wear the lens for a long time, you should always clean the lens and keep it dry without RGP lens solution. You should soak the lens with RGP lens solution at least 6 hours before use it again.
  • You can order the RGP lens solution or suction cup from Line @drbirdcl and we can deliver you by express mail or motorcycle but the costumer will pay for delivery ( Transfer to TMB 217-268-1195 วุฒิพงษ์ พึงพิพัฒน์). If you have any questions, please text to Line @drbirdcl.