Moving the lens before removal from the eyes(AT228)

The most important for removing lens is “before removing lens must be moved first.”


Can make a moving lens by

  • After wake up, 1-3 Drops of artificial tears on each side of the eye.
  • Close your eyes and draws the end of eye lid(outer canthi of the eye) to temporal side 30 times.
  • Then open your eyes and look at mirror. Try to use finger pressure on upper eyelid. Notice rim of cornea that the lens is moved when pressure on upper eyelid. If so, then the lens is removable.
  • If lens does not move, Repeat to the top or may be do another activities. Such as brushing teeth, bathing (Be careful : Do not open your eyes too wide while washing your face)  By during other activities you can open your eye as normal. Then back to remove lens. Usually lens moves after waking up 30 minutes.
  • If the lens is moved hard every day. Please call to make an appointment. 
  • If lens does not move while removing. May cause eye discomfort, eye irritation, conjunctivitis(Pink eye) and blurred vision after take lens off. If you still feel discomfort after 1 hour of removing, Please call consult Dr. Bird.